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Ensuring Access to Justice Serves Sustainable Development

2019 / No. 1
Digital Edition

Ensuring Access to Justice Serves Sustainable Development

Toghrul Musayev

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Member of the EPLO Board of Directors

The main objective of this article is to give an overview of the correlation between access to justice and UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, through the example of Azerbaijan. Access to justice for all is an inherent aspect of the rule of law. The article highlights the legal basis thereof moving then to the ongoing reforms in the judicial-legal field, including the newly adopted acts. Moreover, the article describes practical measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of justice, including the establishment of new courts, constructing conceptually new courthouses, etc. It also underlines the establishment of the E-court, which serves to ensure transparency and prompt administration. In addition, the article discusses anticorruption actions taken in the country, including those in the judiciary and justice system. It specifically describes the brand of Azerbaijan - the ASAN service. In conclusion, it speaks of the high international assessment of the judicial reforms in the country.

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