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This e-shop has been created to provide you with the most recent updates in European Law and European Governance editions with a special focus on European Public Law. It has been revised in a more business friendly format to respond effectively and timely your business needs. It provides you with a variety of resources, from the European Review of Public Law to a wide range of series and standalone publications. Indeed, three different buying options are offered for you to select the most appropriate for your needs:

a. The Annual Subscription Option applies to all Journals (ERPL, CEELS and European Politeia). All EPLO Annual Subscriptions are offered at a very competitive price. The ERPL Annual Subscription is comprised of four issues per year and the fee includes shipping/dispatching cost so you are not charged extra. Both the CEELS and European Politeia Annual Subscriptions are comprised of two issues per year and shipping costs are applied.

To order for an Annual Subscription, you just need to have an account on this website. Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties at that stage.

The Annual Subscription of the latest print is dispatched once or twice a year; normally on May and/or November of the relevant year. Please note that the journal editions are normally one year behind in printing.

All Annual Subscriptions will only be delivered to subscribers who have paid for their annual subscription fee before the upcoming dispatching.  

b. The Print Editions Option refers to all type of printed editions (Journals, Series, and Standalone editions). Shipping costs apply with regard to the weight and number of books. Shipping of books is conducted within a period of up to 10 -15 days of order. Dispatching cost is shown while placing your order and depends upon the weight and number of books ordered. It is normally conducted via the Hellenic Postal Service ( as the most cost effective medium. Tracking of orders as soon as they are dispatched can be found here by using the track number attributed to the parcel. You can request it by sending us an email at

c. The Digital Editions Option is available only for articles with regards to Journals, that can be bought one by one separately but not as a full edition. The list of articles can be found per edition and/or can be searched by author/edition/year. Digital editions also apply to most recent editions of Series, and Standalone publications.

Concluding your Order

When finalising your order, we will send you a confirmation email that will contain information about the dispatching:
- If books are fully printed, you will receive them up to 10-15 days after your order has been placed.
- If books are not fully printed, they will be sent separately and you will automatically be registered for the next dispatching of the pending items. Information on the dispatching date will be sent by email.

For every purchase, as an Agent you will be granted a 10% discount. For this discount to be applied, specify your business nature as ”Agent/Bookseller” on the User Type box at the Checkout stage of the registration process.


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