Economic Prospects for Ukraine’s Integration into the EU
Yana S. Matiieva
2023/ No. 2
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Economic Prospects for Ukraine’s Integration into the EU

Yana S. Matiieva

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, National Aviation University, Ukraine


Ukraine’s economic integration into the European Union (EU) is a key development area that not only determines the country’s future, but also has a profound impact on its economic, political, and socio-cultural dynamics. In recent decades, Ukraine has been actively working to strengthen its economic ties with the EU, seeking to ensure not only economic stability but also a higher standard of living for its population. By embarking on the association process with the EU, Ukraine has recognized that economic integration is an important strategic goal that opens up new opportunities and challenges. This path implies profound structural changes in the economy, legislation, and management practices. The issue of Ukraine’s economic integration into the EU is becoming an important subject of research and discussion at both the national and international levels. In this context, it is important to consider not only the positive aspects, but also the challenges and risks that arise in the process of economic integration. Will Ukraine be able to effectively adapt its economy to EU standards and requirements? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this path? What opportunities are there for business and civil society? This article aims to answer these questions by focusing on the key aspects of Ukraine’s economic integration with the EU. An examination of the economic cooperation between Ukraine and the EU helps to clarify how this process affects the country’s development, its position in the international arena, and what prospects are open to the Ukrainian people in the context of deeper integration with European partners.

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