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Developments in EU-USA Trade Relations during the Trump Era

2020 / No. 2
Digital Edition

Developments in EU-USA Trade Relations during the Trump Era

Gábor Hajdu

PhD student of the University of Szeged Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences,
Junior Research Fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences – Institute for Legal Studies

The election of President Trump in 2016 led to significant changes in US policy in many different areas, both domestically and internationally. Trade policy was one of the areas most affected by the Trump administration. While previously the USA was one of the major promoters of traditional free trade approaches, under President Trump, the country reversed directions at least partially and attempted to pursue a more openly and aggressively protectionist trade polity. The article does not cover the entire USA trade relations in this period, but rather focuses on an EU perspective, with the first part devoted to the controversy of TTIP, and the second part to the general relations between the EU and President Trump on trade matters. Based on these two parts, the article attempts to answer whether these radical shifts in policy will have a long-lasting effect on trade relations between the USA and the EU.

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