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Administrative Contract in Law on Civil Service

2017 / 1
Digital Edition

Administrative Contract in Law on Civil Service

Catherine Kardava

Dr., Associate Professor at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,
Head of the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia


The aim of the article is to define the practical need of the administrative contract and the scope of carrying out public duties by the persons employed under an administrative contract. It also prepares the comprehensive theoretical basis by providing the appropriate scientific and practical analyses for the successful implementation of this new legal instrument. The aim of the administrative contract is to distinguish between political and administrative (governing) segments of public institutions and legally frame the activities such as providing field advice, intellectual and technical assistance and/or undertaking organisational-managerial functions for state-political officials. The administrative contract is one of the main instruments defining the boundaries for civil service employees and downsizing the possible functional overlaps, by clearly segregating the various types of civil servants’ functions. Introducing the administrative contract in civil service is also a way to ensure the aim of the Civil Service Reform - creating a civil service free of political pressure.

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