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New Trends in Italian Public Law

Print Edition

S. Cassese / L. Torchia (edited by), “New Trends in Italian Public Law”


This is a work elaborated within the framework of a series of country books prepared on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the European Group of Public Law, depicting the evolution of Public Law in countries represented in the EGPL. With this series, the EGPL wishes to offer each country represented within it, the opportunity to present what its nationals members of the Group consider to be the most significant transformations or innovations that have taken place in their national legal system in the past 20 years, from both an empirical and a doctrinal perspective.


This publication, edited by Prof. SA, Judge at the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic, and Prof. Luisa Torchia, of the University of Roma Tre, encompasses 10 studies written by eminent Italian scholars and aims at providing the reader with an overview of the Administrative Law and of the Public Administration in Italy.




SABINO CASSESE, The Present State of Italian Administrative Law


LUISA TORCHIA, Public Administration in Italy


EDOARDO CHITI, The Europeanization and Globalization of the Italian Administrative System


BERNARDO GIORGIO MATTARELLA, Interest Representation and Public Administration


SABINO CASSESE, The Italian Antitrust Authority and the System of Independent Authorities


GIULIO NAPOLITANO, The State and the Economy


ALBERTO MASSERA, Equality and Justice in the Italian “Welfare State”


MARCELLO CLARICH, Remedies under the New Code of Administrative Courts Procedure


LUISA TORCHIA, The New Dimensions of Administrative Law


MARIO SAVINO, The Italian Path to Administrative Reform