Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of West Attica (Greece)

Theodoros Fouskas is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of West Attica (Greece), in the field of Sociology with emphasis on Migra­tion and Public Health. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. He has taught Sociology of Migration, Sociology of Health, Health of Mov­ing Populations – Intercultural Health, and other courses at many institutions. He has published extensively on issues of migra­tion, migrant health, social integration and exclusion. He specializes in health and employment of migrants and migrant community or­ganizations and on the issues of precarious, low-status/low-paid work, integration of third-country nationals, undeclared work, irre­gular migration, migrants’ access to health, solidarity, political par­ticipation and trade unions in host countries. He has authored three monographs: Precarious Lives of Maids, Nannies and Caregivers in Greece: Perceptions of Migrant Filipina Live-in Domestic Workers on Labour, Community Associations and Healthcare (Forewords by Bridget Anderson and Giovanna Campani) (Nova Science Publish­ers, New York, 2021), Nigerian Immigrants in Greece: Low-Status Work, Community, and Decollectivization (Nova Science Publish­ers, 2014) and Migrant “Communities” and Labour Representation (in Greek, Papazisi Publications, 2012) and has co-edited the col­lective volume: Contemporary Immigration in Greece: A Source­book (with Vassileios Tsevrenis, European Public Law Organiza­tion, 2014). He has made many presentations at international and national conferences and workshops and has organized scientific events and summer schools on migration issues. Since 2005, he has participated in many research programs for migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups. His recent projects are: Annual Report 2019 on Migration and Asylum in Greece (EMN/EU, 2020), Accu­rate, Timely, Interoperable? Data management in the asylum proce­dure EU (EMN/EU, 2020), Attracting and Protecting Seasonal Workers from Third Countries in the EU (EMN/EU, 2020), Res­ponses to Long-Term Irregular Stay of Migrants: Practices and Chal­lenges in EU Member States and Norway (EMN/EU, 2020), Deten­tion and alternatives to detention in international protection and return procedures (EMN/EU, 2020), Voices of Immigrant Women (VIW) (Erasmus+, 2020-2022).

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