Law Professor, former Assistant Dean at the University of Barcelona Law School

Juli Ponce is a Law Professor, a former Assistant Dean at the University of Barcelona Law School and a former Director of the Public Administration School of Catalonia. He also was the Director of the TransJus, the transdisciplinary research institute at the University of Barcelona Law School which develops research activities in the fields of Law, Political Science, Criminology and Public Management, exploring their links with Neurosciences, Economics and other sciences. Juli is a frequent speaker on Public Law, good governance, the right to good administration, the better/smart regulation, the prevention of corruption and zoning and urban planning and housing law. Dr. Ponce has published in several prestigious academic journals throughout Spain, Europe, United States and Latin America. He is a member of the European Group of Public Law and has been a visiting professor and has lectured at the Universities of Georgia State (Atlanta, US), Sheffield (UK) or Pontifícia Universidad Católica del. Perú, among others.

Juli Ponce is the Editor (and among the authors) of the book: Nudging’s Contributions to Good Governance and Good Administration – Legal Nudges in Public and Private Sectors, (with: Foreword by Ismael Peña-López, Preliminary Considerations by Cass R. Sunstein, Afterword by Ricardo Rivero Ortega), published by the EPLO in its European Public Law Series - vol. CXXVI. This book explores the relationship between behavioral insights, law and other sciences and public administrations and their interventions in private activities. It is an exciting and new field of academic research that it is stimulating the rise of an innovative way to regulate people’s everyday life and stimulate their compliance

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