Turkey / Turquie / Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel 2020
Nilay Arat
Mehmet Semih Gemalmaz
2020/ Vol. 32, No. 3, (117)
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Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel

Turkey / Turquie

Nilay Arat

Associate Professor Dr., Kadir Has University, Faculty of Law

Mehmet Semih Gemalmaz

Member of the Istanbul Bar Association. Former Professor of Public Law and International Human Rights Law
at the Faculty of Law, Istanbul University.
He was the Director of Istanbul University Centre for Research and Practice of Human Rights Law,
and was a member of the Istanbul University delegation
at the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) Board of Directors

In this chronicle the 2017 amendments to the 1982 Constitution of Turkey are assessed by examining such issues as whether the amended text was the 1982 Constitution, the new form of executive and the prolonging effects of the state of emergency.

Dans cette chronique les modifications apportées en 2017 dans la Constitution de 1982 de la Turquie sont évaluées, en examinant des questions telles que la question de savoir si le texte modifié était la Constitution de 1982, la nouvelle forme de l’exécutif et les effets prolongés de l’état d’urgence.

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