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A Theory on Private Takings: Rule of Law, Democracy, and Social State

2015 / Vol. 28, No. 3, (101)
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Dolores Utrilla Fernández-Bermejo

Senior Lecturer, University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Orcid ID:

Private takings, i.e., expropriations the beneficiary of which is a private subject, keep on raising highly controversial implications in occidental constitutional States. Notwithstanding this, in many countries, neither the dogmatic construction of private takings, nor their legal regime have yet been re-examined in the light of the new requirements stemming from EU law and from modern constitutional and administrative frameworks. This paper proposes a theory on private takings through the approach to their major legal problems from the point of view of todays relevant principles of European and national law. It is not only about the rule of law: this paper argues that other constitutional clauses such as democracy or social State are called to decisively influence the legal treatment of private takings.

Les appropriations privées, à savoir les expropriations dont le bénéficiaire est un sujet privé, continuent à avoir des incidences hautement controversées dans les Etats de droit occidentaux. Pourtant, dans beaucoup de pays, ni la construction dogmatique des appropriations privées, ni leur régime juridique nont été réexaminés à la lumière des nouvelles exigences découlant du droit de lUE et des cadres constitutionnels et administratifs modernes. Cet article propose une théorie des appropriations privées à travers une approche de leurs principaux problèmes juridiques du point de vue des principes actuellement pertinents du droit européen et national. Il ne sagit pas seulement dEtat de droit: cet article soutient que dautres clauses constitutionnelles telles que la démocratie ou lEtat social sont susceptibles dinfluer de manière décisive sur le traitement juridique des appropriations privées.

* This article is based on the author’s Doctoral Thesis “Expropriación forzosa y beneficiario privado: bases constitucionales, régimen administrativo y Derecho europeo”, which was awarded a Prize of Honor (Special Distinction) in the 2015 Thesis Prize call of the European Group of Public Law (EGPL). Its main results were published as Expropriación forzosa y beneficiario privado: una reconstrucción sistemática, Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2015.

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