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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the Eurasian Security Mechanism

2008 / Vol. 20, No. 3, (69)
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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
in the Eurasian Security Mechanism

Daniela Amadio

Former Associate Researcher/Project Manager at the European Public Law Center

The article attempts to shed light on the regional-global security mechanism set by the United Nations and on the role of the Shanghai Organization Cooperation in this field. Since SCO is the only institutional framework addressed to peace and security in Eurasia, it plays a key role in keeping stability and promoting coopera­tion in the region. To what extent it contributes to maintain peace and security within the UN framework is the object of analysis of this paper. The research has been developed in two steps. First, assessing the history and nature of the organi­zation, along with an analysis of the other regional organizations in Eurasia. Sec­ond, exploring the partnership nature between the UN and the SCO for the estab­lish­ment of a regional-global security mechanism. The overall recommendation and conclusion is that the SCO is not ready yet to be a functional UN regional part­ner for peace and security issues. It should rather focus on addressing security issues not involving a military aspect, such as counter-terrorism and counter-organized crime in partnership with UN agencies and other international/regional organizations working in the sector.


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