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Global Administrative Order: A Lithuanian Perspective

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Global Administrative Order

A Lithuanian Perspective

Ugnė Gailiūnienė / Mindaugas Lukas / Martynas Vasiliauskas /
Akvilė Dulevičiūtė-Akimovienė / Laura Beinorienė

Public Law Department, Faculty of Law, Vilnius University


The concept of global administrative order is a new concept in Lithuania. In Lithuania’s legal doctrine, administrative law is connected with the national insti­tutions and global legal acts are more associated with international law, these two branches of law being traditionally seen as separate systems. The legal order that is imposed to Lithuania by its international commitments has not been recognised as a separate subject and consequently has not been summarised and categorised yet. The principles, regulations, decisions, recommendations etc. adopted by the actors of global administrative space usually are a part of Lithuanian administrative legal order only if they are acknowledged in Lithuanian laws. Global cooperation is a com­mon and unavoidable practice in Lithuania and can be deduced from the Con­stitution of the Republic of Lithuania and its legal acts. Research in the fields of en­vironment, health, employment and financial sector reveals that Lithuanian na­tional legal order is notably affected by globalisation; however, this fact is not ad­mitted or understood appropriately by the authorities and the administrative insti­tutions. On the contrary, certain cases reveal a turn to nationalisation. However, if the states care about the future, they cannot stay nationalised anymore; only a new global order could help solve the problems humankind will face in the forthcoming decades.

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