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EU’s Existential Path toward a Coming of Age

2017 / 1-2
Digital Edition

EU’s Existential Path toward a Coming of Age

Angelos Athanasopoulos

Senior Diplomatic and EU affairs Editor, To Vima

The European Union (EU) has entered a long reflection period shaped by three main events. The first is the negotiations on Brexit and the future of EU-UK relations post-March 2019. The second is the “neo-nationalistic” foreign policy followed by the Trump Presidency. The third is the debate on the “Future of Europe”. No major decisions should be expected in any of them at least until the European elections in May 2019 as the EU is still influenced by the “step by step approach” promoted during the last 10 years by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, this approach may now change to the worse, especially if Mrs. Merkel is politically weakened after her successive domestic defeats.

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