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European Union’s Global Strategy in a Post-Brexit Era

2020 / No. 1
Digital Edition

European Union’s Global Strategy in a Post-Brexit Era

Vasileios Kottas

Int/EU Law Academic Fellow at Panteion University, B.A. Political Science and Public Administration,
M.Sc., LL.M. EU Law, LL.M. Environmental and Energy Law and Policy

The latest “Global Strategy for the European Union's foreign and security policy” was unveiled in June 2016 by the European Union (EU). In rather unusual circumstances, this period in the context of a more demanding foreign environment would be clearly the latest in iterating the key values and goals of the EU’s outward practice. The EU Global Strategy (EUGS) has nonetheless gained an entirely new meaning in the scope of “Brexit.” The EUGS is a guideline to insure a continuous “hunt” of a liberal era with rule of law-based international order. A yearlong review and drafting cycle concluded with the completion of the EUGS. It also represents the latter in the evolution of the EU’s growth, refining and developing its reputation as an international actor, along with the form of contribution it in­tends to bring to the legal international order. This record is characterized by a succession of legal and political papers, each exhibiting tremendous hopes and expectations.

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