Administrative Law / Droit administratif 2007 Portugal
Rui Tavares Lanceiro
2007/ Vol. 19, No. 3, (65)
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Administrative Law / Droit administratif



Rui Tavares Lanceiro

Lawyer and junior assistant in the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon

 Various pieces of legislation were published in Portugal in 2007 with special refer­ence to the field of public law. Also during 2007 the project of the Code of Public Contracts (CPC) was publicly discussed and approved by the Portuguese govern­ment. The CPC establishes the legal regime of both public procurement (Part II) and the substantive regime of public contracts which have the nature of adminis­tra­tive con­tracts and its performance (Part III). In doing so, the CPC not only trans­poses into national law the European directives on public tendering but also creates a single, uniform and coherent legal regime to replace the unjustified exis­tence of sev­eral very different and specific regimes. It is the first time in the Portu­guese le­gal or­der that a single legislative act has such a scope - regulating these two as­pects of ad­min­istrative law in a coherent and unified way. For all these rea­sons, it is the most important milestone in the evolution of the Portuguese admin­istrative law in the last years.

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