Rights of Foreigners: Slovakia
Lucia Mokrá
2007/ Vol. 19, No. 1, (63)
Digital edition
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PhD, Comenius University, Bratislava

Rights of foreigners are very important and therefore a very discussed topic in present times. The Slovak Republic had previously very poor legislation, which was rapidly changed with the accession process to EU. Today, the legislation about foreigners in Slovakia is fully harmonized with the European Union legislation. Especially EU legislation dealing with the area of immigration, visas, asylum, right of residence, European Arrest Warrant has been fully implemented to the national legal system. There are used two main legal methods of harmonization - establishing new acts with the paragraphs and statements from EU legislation, or overdrawing the directives and decisions to the existing acts. However there were no problems with the implementation of the new legislation dealing with the phenomenon as immigration, asylum (as the one group of rights of foreigners) included EU standards; the discussion about the efficiency of the measures is opened. The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic will deal with cases on the human rights of foreigners, as it is established in the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and international treaties, signed by our representatives.

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