Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation
Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation
Spyridon Flogaitis
Sotiris Varouxakis
Eythimios Eythimiadis
Sotiris Roussos
Vasilis Papaioannou
Ioannis Th. Mazis
Abdelkader El Ansari
Caspar Veldkamp
Leonidas Antonakopoulos
Petros Troupiotis
2017/ Vol. 1
Print edition
22.00 €

The first publication within the Series of the Institute for the Mediterranean “Mediterranean Agenda” comprises the proceedings (in Greek and English) of the first event organized by the Institute on the theme “Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation”. The Development of Euro-Mediterranean Relations, the Geopolitical Dynamics and the Perspectives of Euro-Mediterranean Relations are the topics dealt with by renown academics, diplomats and journalists in this publication.



S. Flogaitis, Professor at the Faculty of Law of the National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Director of the European Public Law Organization
S. Varouxakis, Ambassador a.h., Director, Institute for the Mediterranean, EPLO

Development of Euro-Mediterranean Relations
E. Efthymiades, Development of Euro-Mediterranean Relations [IN GREEK]
S. Roussos, The Mediterranean: For Whom and Why it is Strategically Important? [IN ENGLISH]
V. Papaioannou, Τhe Contribution of Greece to the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation [IN GREEK]

Geopolitical Dynamics  
I. Th. Mazis, Focal Points of Instability in the South-Eastern Mediterranean and the DAESH Dynamics [IN ENGLISH]

Perspectives of Euro-Mediterranean Relations
Η.Ε. Μr. A. El Ansari, Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation [IN ENGLISH]
H.E. Mr. C. Veldkamp, Some Remarks regarding the Eastern Mediterranean Region, the Migration Crisis and Energy Resources [IN ENGLISH]

Concluding Remarks
L. Antonakopoulos, Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation - Conclusions [IN GREEK]
P. Troupiotis, Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation - Conclusions [IN GREEK]

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