Romania / Roumanie / Administrative Law / Droit administratif 2009
Lucica Matei
2009/ Vol. 21, No. 4, (74)
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Administrative Law / Droit administratif


Romania / Roumanie

Lucica Matei

Professor Dr. at the Faculty of Public Administration,
National School of Po­liti­cal Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania

The chronicle focuses on two important aspects reflected in the governmental ac­tions, carried out in Romania in 2009. The first aspect refers to the systemic trans­formation and reconstruction of the legislative, institutional and organisational frame­work for the central government, respectively the changes at the level of or­gani­sation and operation of public authorities and institutions. Reducing the ad­ministrative tasks, simplifying the administrative procedures, simplifying the na­tional legislation, effective application of Community legislation are reflected on the one hand in the specific, new passed or amended legislation and on the other hand in the concrete Government’s actions. The second aspect refers to the elec­toral actions, characterising the year 2009, namely the elections for the European Par­liament - for Romania, 2009 represented the moment for election of the citi­zens’ representatives in the European Parliament for the second time as an EU Member State - and presidential elections. In the same context, in Romania a refer­endum was held for the first time for reducing the number of Parliament members and passing to a Parliament with a single Chamber.

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