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Administration without Frontiers? European Migration Law: Sweden

2009 / Vol. 21, No. 1, (71)
Digital Edition

Administration without Frontiers?
European Migration Law


Gunilla Edelstam

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Public Law), Sweden

 With regard to migration matters, Sweden cooperates with other EU Member States through the existing networks. The development of EU legislation on mi­gration issues is important for a country like Sweden that does not have a land bor­der with any non-EU Member State that is not a Schengen party. However, the im­plementation of existing EU legislation and other common regulations such as the Geneva Convention on Asylum might be different in different Member States and harmonisation, therefore, concerns not only the questions of law but also the ques­tions of fact, and cooperation and harmonisation need to develop not only in mate­rial law on questions of law but also in procedural matters. Sweden introduced in 2006 Special Migration courts in order to increase the legal certainty for third-country nationals and has a reasonably good administration of integration.