Sep 2017

Two new Series released by EPLO Publications

  • Mediterranean Agenda, vol. 1, Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Roundtable Discussion

The “Mediterranean Agenda” by the Institute for the Mediterranean, was launched not only with the aim to disseminate the results of the debates taking place in the context of the events that it organizes throughout the year but also with the ambition to publish stand-alone studies by eminent, young and already established, scholars, and other studies on the Mediterranean area, that will contribute to the highlighting of the Mediterranean dimension amidst the contemporary regional challenges. 
In this context, the first volume within this Series titled “Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation” comprises the proceedings (in Greek and English) of the first event organized by the Institute on the theme “Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation”. The Development of Euro-Mediterranean Relations, the Geopolitical Dynamics and the Perspectives of Euro-Mediterranean Relations are the topics dealt with in this publication by renown academics, diplomats and journalists.

  • The Institute for Justice and Growth Series, vol. 1, Law as a Pillar for Development

“The Institute for Justice and Growth Series” is the result of the initiative of the Institute for Justice and Growth of the EPLO. In this Series will be collected and reflected the suggestions, contribution, thoughts and opinions and, above all, the concrete proposals of the elite personalities of high academic and professional prestige who enjoy international recognition and participate in the Scientific Council of the Institute for Justice and Growth, as well as of those involved and participating in the scientific events organized by the Institute.

The first publication within the Series of the Institute for Justice and Growth comprises the proceedings (in Greek) of a series of three events organized by the Institute, on the main theme of “Law as a Pillar for Development”. The three events dealt respectively with the topics of “The Contribution of Law in the Development of the Country”, “Efficient Justice and Development” and “Contemporary State and Development”.

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