Feb 2017

European Public Law Series, Vol. CXVII, The New European Economic Governance / La nouvelle gouvernance économique européenne

In this EPLS volume are published the proceedings of the annual conference of the European Group of Public Law organized from the 11th to the 13th of September 2015 on the island of Spetses (Greece), on the subject “The New European Economic Governance”.

The first part of the volume includes general reports by eminent academics on the different headings of the Conference (“General Introduction: The Powers of the Union in the European Econonomic Governance: New Transfers of Sovereignty”, “The European Banking Governance”, “The Guarantees of the States Participating and Not Participating in the Banking Union and in the ‘Fiscal Compact’”) as well as the General Conclusions.

The second part of this EPLS volume includes papers presented or prepared within the framework of the Workshops that took place during the Conference on the themes: “Financial Inclusion: Services of General Economic Interest in the Banking Sector and Citizen’s Rights”, “Normative Defeasibility in Public Law”, and “The New Legal Status of Railway Companies in Europe and in China”.

The third part of this publication comprises the speeches by Professors Marco D’Alberti and Elisenda Malaret on the “Celebration of the 100 Years from the Birthdate of Massimo Giannini”.

Finally, in the fourth part of this EPLS volume are presented the speeches pronounced on the occasion of the Laudationes to Professor Agustín Gordillo (speeches by Professors José Esteve Pardo and Isaac Augusto Damsky and Acknowledgments by Professor Agustín Gordillo).