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Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel 2010 The Netherlands / Pays-Bas

2011 / Vol. 23, No. 2, (80)
Digital Edition

Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel


The Netherlands / Pays-Bas

Remco Nehmelman

Senior Lecturer of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


The most important Dutch constitutional issue in 2010 were the General Elections for the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. After these Elections, a new mi­nority Cabinet has been formed between the Liberal Democrats and the Christian Democratic Party, supported by the populist Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders. Furthermore, a new structure of the Dutch Council of State, the most important ad­visory body of the government and the highest Dutch Administrative Court, was in­troduced. The Commission on the Constitution presented their final report in which some interesting ideas were discussed. Also a few important judgments were made on several fundamental rights such as the equal political treatment of men and women. Finally, also elections for the 418 councils of the municipalities were held and an important judgment was given by the Court of Justice of the Euro­pean Union on the Dutch soft drugs policy.

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