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Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel 2009 Greece / Grèce

2009 / Vol. 21, No. 2, (72)
Digital Edition

Constitutional Law / Droit constitutionnel

Greece / Grèce

Kostas Fassoulis

Assistant Professor at the University of Athens


The aim of this chronicle is to offer a systematic study, analysis, and interpretation of all available sources on Greek primary and secondary private education from 1834 to the present, focusing especially on the study of three particular issues. First, the author is focusing on the study of the features pertaining on the concep­tion of the freedom of education as an organisational term either through the con­stitutional recognition of the individual right to be free to establish and operate a private educational institution or through the legislative recognition of the right to practise such a right. Second, he is investigating into the various political, social and economic factors that have played an important role in the formation of the or­ganisational structure of the private schools in question. Third, the author is under­lining the organisational and social criteria pertaining to the function of the pri­mary and secondary private education. The abovementioned criteria have been es­tablished with the aim to guarantee the quality of the educational level and to maintain the same educational level of knowledge for the students of both State and private schools.

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